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  • China ZHEJIANG DOUBLE-LIN VALVES CO.,LTD. company profile
  • China ZHEJIANG DOUBLE-LIN VALVES CO.,LTD. company profile
  • China ZHEJIANG DOUBLE-LIN VALVES CO.,LTD. company profile
  • China ZHEJIANG DOUBLE-LIN VALVES CO.,LTD. company profile
  • China ZHEJIANG DOUBLE-LIN VALVES CO.,LTD. company profile
  • China ZHEJIANG DOUBLE-LIN VALVES CO.,LTD. company profile
Company Details
Main Market: North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Worldwide
Business Type: Manufacturer
No. of Employees: 235~260
Annual Sales: 30000000-40000000
Year Established: 2000
Export p.c: 80% - 90%

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Company Introduction


    Double-Lin, which was established in 2000 in China, is a manufacturing company for global market. It is located in Yuhuan Island (the southeast coast of Zhejiang, China), which is the main manufacturing base of China. Our products with self-owned brand are widely distributed to more than 100 countries and regions, and Chinese domestic market. Chairman Mr. Lin Hailin adopts strategic perspective to plan industrial layout adjustment and integrate business scope into suppliers of comprehensive system solutions, including 4 major areas: public buildings and household water control system solutions, public buildings and home heating system solutions, safe transportation and use of gas system solutions, and family's bathroom hardware solutions. Our products cover nearly 10,000 kinds of products with different sizes.

    Double-Lin sticks to the original intention of entrepreneurship, adheres to the manufacture of durable products to meet the requirements of customers , and provides the comfortable and safe use experience of global users. Our product's quality meets the most strict international standard and requirements of high quality, technical innovation, and high technology. For processing procedures, we insist on continous improvement, basically realizing the automation and modernization of production. Our products are very flexible to match with each other. The key coreparts and the main production automation equiments are all imported from Europe.

    We promise that our products are globally consistent, no matter Chinese mainland, North America, European Union, Middle Ease, Far Ease, or Asia-Pacific areas keeps the same strict production and inspection standards. Double-Lin promotes its products sales both in the global market and Chinese domestic market by sole agent and chain stores. With the belief "credibility, integrity, and win-win", we aim to well balance the mutual benefit between our company and our customers. For now, our products have been sold to more than 100 countries in the world. The general agenct system has been implemented in over 20 countries, and more than 40 provincial or city agents have been deployed in Chinese mainland. With 83 patent achievements, Double-Lin has a complete and considerable protection on intellectual property. The trademark is also registered in more than 90 individual countries, where intellectual property is legally protected by the commodities importing countries. The trademark of 45 general categories are registered in China.

    Double-Lin has a strong bond with Yuhuan and its local residents, as Yuhuan is where our company created history and wealth. We devided to develop precise manufacturing, product's R&D, and designer training, set up testing labs, improve sales and after service, and create the outline of our staff, suppliers, and clients. To promote Double-Lin's stable and healthy development.

    Double-Lin, Worldwide Trusted!


August, 2000

"Double-Lin" chose Yuhuan island which is situated in the southeast coast of Zhejiang Province, China as his first processing base because of strong entrepreneurial climate there with relatively complete industry chain support and excellent technical engineers. At the beginning of the founding, "Double-Lin" regarded making manufacture durable valves as his mission.


February, 2005

"Double-Lin" adjusted development model, aiming at building Chinese own brand "DOUBLE-LIN" as his long-term strategic objectives. "Double-Lin" integrated market resources, carrying out the independent brand strategy. First order totally with Double-Lin brand products were delivered to Brazil in October, 2005. Until Januaty, 2017, Double-Lin's products have been sold to 104 countries all over the world.


October, 2008

Strong is to rely on foreign trade, stability is to rely on domestic trade. Double-Lin created a leading brand marketing era in brass valve industry in China. In August, 2008, intensive advertisement was launched in Guangdong Province, China. This is the first step forward in Chinese market. High quality of Double-Lin products began to serve 1,200,000,000 (1.2 biliion) Chinese in 2010. And more than 40 provincial and city agents have been distributed in Chinese mainlands till the end of 2016.


November, 2008

Double-Lin passed the certification of ISO 9001, ISO 4001, OHSAS 18001, and established a scientific and efficient system of modern enterprise management. Until April, 2018, Double-Lin has  passed the authentication of CE, DVGW, ACS, AGA, EAC, WATERMARK, and so on.


May, 2009

Double-Lin trademark graphics passed the National Trademark office registered certification. In November 2010, Double-Lin trademark passed international at Madrid Trademark Bureau. Until April, 2018, Double-Lin has registered trademarks in more than 90 countries all over the world.


October, 2009

Double-Lin bought the first automatic machine in October, 2009. In July, 2013, Double-Lin bought in automatic assembly line from Italy, which took a revolutionary step in industrial upgrading. At the end of 2016, Double-Lin basically achieved fully automatic production with the operation of manufacturing center.


March, 2010

In March, 2010, Double-Lin developed a heating system solution for alpine regions in the European market. In August, 2012, the Double-Lin HVAC system solution returned to China to provide a "central heating" solution for families in north region of China.


February, 2012

In February, 2012, Double-Lin bought in the ERP system, which made internal business process and management process systematized, informationalized, automated. In July, 2016, Double-Lin wholly realized the process of lean manufacturing mechanism.


July, 2013

In July, 2013, Double-Lin developed independent heating system and provided heating system solutions for villas and large units. At the end of 2016, the industrial layout was integrated into a comprehensive system solutions provider in 4 divisions: public buildings and domestic water control system solutions, public buildings and home heating system solutions, safe gas transportation and use system solutions, and home bathroom hardware solutions. There are about 10,000 kinds of products' specifications.


January, 2017

In January, 2017, Double-Lin set up a "YuYing plan" scholarship, helped excellent students complete their studies, and actively fulfilled the social responsibility of the enterprise.


Package Details

China ZHEJIANG DOUBLE-LIN VALVES CO.,LTD. company profile 0
China ZHEJIANG DOUBLE-LIN VALVES CO.,LTD. company profile 1
1. Double-Lin logo forged in valve body.
2. Double-Lin logo stamped or printed on handle.
3. Inner box material is a 3-layer corrugated bond paper, with clear & attractive printing.
4. Product guarantee certificate
5. PE plastic ECO bag.
6. Product spec. label sticked on the side of master carton.
7. Double-Lin special packing tape.
8. Master carton material is a 5-layer corrugated bond paper, with clear & attractive printing.
9. 2pcs of non-woven bags inside.
10. 1 copy of instruction manual inside.


Q: How long is your product guarantee period?
A: We have three-year guarantee and 24 hours full-time service.

Q: What is your MOQ?
A: We have no MOQ. We have a large warehouse and we promise "Instant Order, Immediate Delivery and No MOQ".

Q: Can you accept OEM?
A: Double-Lin is a company with self-owned brand, and we are promoting our brand in the world, so we will not accpet OEM.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: For the items if we have enough stocks, we can send to you immediately. For mass production, we can promise 30-35 days.

Our Team

Our company is constructed with elite employees in different positions in different departments, just to provide our customers the best service.


Production Department

1. According to the company's overall development goals, formulate the annual production plan; according to the monthly sales order, prepare the monthly production plan and daily operation plan, organize and manage the production.

2. Formulate and revise production consumption quota, analyze and evaluate production consumption index and cost control, carry out cost accounting, put forward improvement suggestions, and supervise, inspect and assess the implementation.

3. Be prepared to master the production task status and reasonably arrange the purchase, storage and use of raw materials. Ensure the smooth progress of order production and strive to achieve the minimum inventory cost.

4. Arrange the customization, storage and use of packaging materials according to the production order. And be responsible for the production, distribution and use assessment of cloth bags and other supplies in the factory.

5. Responsible for the production site management, responsible for the overall planning of production, safety and environmental protection, quality, equipment, consumption and other matters of each workshop under its jurisdiction, and establish and improve the management and operation system and core business process of each workshop.

6. Strictly implement the company's quality management system and regulations to ensure the production of products that meet customer requirements.

7. Strengthen the safety production and environmental protection management, continuously improve the safety and environmental protection awareness of workshop supervisors and employees, and promote the safety and environmental protection work of each workshop.

8. Arrange staff training reasonably, including production management, job responsibilities, business skills, 6S management, etc., and continuously improve the personal thought, management and technical quality of employees.


Technology Department

1. Strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations, and earnestly perform their duties.

2. Be responsible for the designation of the company's technical management system; be responsible for establishing and improving product design, trial production of new products, standardized technical procedures, technical information management system, and organizing and coordinating relevant departments to establish and improve quality, energy and other management standards and systems.

3. Organize and prepare the company's technical development plan. Work out the short-term technical improvement plan, prepare the long-term technical development and technical measures plan, and organize a series of technical organization and management work such as the formulation, modification, supplement and implementation of the plan and plan.

4. Be responsible for specifying and modifying technical regulations; prepare technical regulations for the use, maintenance and technical installation of products.

5. Be responsible for the plan and implementation of the company's new technology introduction and product development, ensure the continuous updating and expansion of product varieties, and be responsible for the development and development of product formula.

6. Reasonably prepare technical documents, improve and standardize the work flow.

7. Study and explore the scientific flow operation rules, and conscientiously do a good job in the collection, sorting, analysis, research, summary, archiving and storage of all kinds of technical information and data.

8. Be responsible for formulating the unified enterprise standards of the company's products and realizing the standardized management of products.

9. Do a good job in the filing of technical drawings and data; be responsible for formulating a strict system for the handover and storage of technical data.

10. Timely guide, handle, coordinate and solve the technical problems of the products to ensure the normal production and operation.

11. Collect and sort out the product development information at home and abroad in time, and grasp the product development trend in time.


Quality Control Department

1. Formulate and implement quality direction, objectives, quality inspection standards, product information feedback and statistical data flow

2. Be responsible for the establishment, improvement, implementation and supervision of quality management system; supervise and inspect the implementation of quality planning scheme

3. Analysis and report of quality cost; establishment of quality cost standard and target; management and control of quality cost

4. Organize the implementation of total quality management; track and verify the corrective and preventive measures to improve product quality

5. Prepare the annual quality education plan and assist the human resources department to jointly organize and implement the quality education plan

6. Evaluate and assess the effect of quality education and training

7. Organize and implement incoming inspection and test, process inspection and test, final inspection and test, and implement product inspection control procedures

8. Participate in the quality evaluation of the supplier's materials, participate in the review of major contracts, and coordinate to handle quality complaints

9. First sample inspection, patrol inspection, finished product inspection, confirmation and inspection record, use and storage of inspection instruments

10. Analyze and report quality problems, collect quality information and data, formulate and implement quality improvement plans, track, evaluate and assess quality improvement measures, report and promote improvement results

11. Establish and improve quality management systems such as quality reward, responsibility punishment, internal / external loss assessment of quality defect cost, and implement daily management according to payment.


Purchasing Department

1. Take the initiative to contact the application department to verify the specification, model, quantity and inspection time of the purchased materials to avoid errors, purchase on time according to the demand, and ensure the timely arrival of goods.

2. Be familiar with the market situation and purchasing channels, adhere to the purchasing principle of "comparing goods with three stores, comparing quality and price, and choosing the best", strive to reduce the purchase cost, strictly control the quality, and put an end to the inflow of fake and shoddy goods.

3. Based on the principle of "purchase and supply, guarantee business needs", grasp the purchasing management, understand the material demand and market supply of the company and its subordinate enterprises, and be familiar with various material procurement plans.

4. Be familiar with and master the name, model, specification, unit price and quality of various materials in my charge, as well as the manufacturers and suppliers of supplied goods, so as to accurately understand and master the market supply and demand, timely market situation, and timely organize procurement.

5. According to the principle of "the one who handles the business shall be responsible for the quality, quantity and cost of the purchasing business in his charge, and shall purchase through multiple channels as much as possible, so as to reduce the procurement cost and improve the procurement quality

6. Complete all purchasing tasks assigned by the Department, and guarantee the business demand of the enterprise in time. The purchase is based on the "material purchase requisition".

7. Strictly implement the company's financial systems and regulations, and adhere to the principle of "purchasing by voucher". All purchased materials should be timely informed to the receiver and the person in charge of the department using the goods, and go through the acceptance and warehousing procedures according to the regulations, and jointly control the quality and quantity.

8. The warehouse shall make an inventory of the warehouse every month and submit a copy to the purchasing department. The purchasing department is responsible for analyzing the inventory loss and profit, and tracking the direction of materials

9. In case of any difficulty in purchasing operation, the superior should be informed immediately for handling. Don't tell the superior when there is no way to deal with it. This will affect the delivery time and cause losses to the company.


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International Trade Department: United, young, lively, energetic, positive, strong sense of responsibility, and brave to challenge difficulties. There are not only experienced professional salesmen with rich business experiences and strong business development ability, but also the freshmen with great potential and enthusiasm. They are clear about the job responsibilities and they are a strong and main force in all sales departments of Double-LIn.

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